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We Need To Talk About PPG

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In previous posts in this series I looked into some of the basics of PPG and what that meant for recent seasons, and proposed a more useful interpretation of it for putting player performance into context. Now to let loose somewhat on some of my reservations with its usage. It… Read more »

Charting The Seasons and The Reigns

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As these things tend to do in the pub, during a conversation with Pete from BoroGuide one evening recently, one thing led to another and I scrawled a mock-up of a chart comparing Boro’s progress between recent seasons. It dawned on me that this was a gaping hole I should… Read more »

Trying To Make PPG Useful

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In our first foray into the world of Points Per Game (PPG), I looked at the crude numbers for Boro’ players in 2013/14 and tried to boil them down into something useful by considering sample size and context. What I’d like to do now is take it a little further… Read more »

Points Per Game – 13/14

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To get something significant under our belts, I’ve set up Graham Westley’s stat of choice – points per game. Points per game (PPG) as a reliable stat is inherently flawed, an issue I’m sure we’ll return to at some stage as we roll out a series of themed posts. However,… Read more »