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BSI Results: April 2015

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Thanks to everyone who took part in the latest Satisfaction Index poll. There was a decent increase in the number of contributions this time around, and maintaining that is vital to the credibility of the data, so please do keep taking part when you can. When we last conducted the… Read more »

The Case For Graham Westley

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In light of recent results and a swathe of negative sentiment, I thought I would do what I could to paint the most pro-GW article using data captured here, some logical argument and without undue exaggeration. There is, of course, always a balance to be struck between the supposed objectivity… Read more »

What Makes A Tinker?

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Since setting up this project I’d long wanted to get under the skin of some of the more unusual nuances of football. The notion of the lineup-obsessed manager, or tinkerman as is the phrase de jour, is one such item, and doubtless one of the outcomes of expanded substitutes benches… Read more »

In Numbers: Lucas Akins

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I don’t intend to do a write up on many players departing the Lamex Stadium, but there was always something curious about Lucas Akins that added an air of mystery to his time at Boro’. Now that he has made his way to Burton Albion, it seems appropriate to pick… Read more »