The Boro’ Satisfaction Index is a regular check on the vital signs of Boro’s fan base. Each month (ish) we’ll consult our panel of supporters to ask them how they’re feeling towards certain aspects of Stevenage FC:
– the club’s off-the-field performance
– the manager’s performance (both on and off the field)
– the players’ on-the-field performance

Over time we’ll track their responses and attempt to gauge the overall mood of the fanbase. Occasionally we’ll also throw in additional features to pick up on topical events.

When a new poll is available it’ll appear on the front page of BoroBrain and we’ll also post a link to Twitter. If you’d like to receive an email notification once a new poll has been posted, get in touch and let us know.

Poll History
Poll 1: 4th-6th November, 2014.
Poll 2: 16th-18th December, 2014.
Poll 3: 3rd-5th February, 2015
Poll 4: 21st-23rd April, 2015
Poll 5: 29th September-1st October, 2015
Poll 6: 19th-21st January, 2016