Fixture List

In the past I created a csv file of Boro’ fixtures on the day of each season’s release and distributed them to Boro’ fans to put to their own use. However, the moment a game gets moved due to TV or weather, or a cup fixture gets confirmed, it’s immediately out of date and I’ve long wanted to put together a single source of the fixtures to maintain their accuracy for the benefit of all concerned.

Since 2014/15 all Boro’ first team fixtures have been held in a single calendar – if you keep a calendar on your PC or mobile device then you should be able to add these in alongside them and receive automatic updates every time there’s a change. Just follow these steps to add them.

Microsoft Outlook
Copy the url below and paste it into Microsoft Outlook by clicking into your calendar and following these screenshots.




Android & Google Calendar
Navigate to your Google Calendar online and find the option shown below, which should be available in the lower left corner of the screen.


iPhone & iPad

Go to Settings….Mail, Contacts, Calendars….Add Account…..Other……Add Subscribed Calendar … and enter in the URL to the Server field.
Best to email to self so you can copy and paste from the email.

Postbox/Mozilla Thunderbird users with the Lightning calendar plug-in
Right-click under your liust of calendars and select the option to add a calendar on the network, then click “Next”
Select the iCalendar (ICS) radio button. Don’t select the Google Calendar option as this is for a Google calendar you control.
Input the adress into the Location field and click “Next”.
Name your calendar and select your colour of choice, then click “Next”.
Job done, you will get a message saying your calendar has been created

If there’s another way you keep your appointments and want to use these too, let us know and we’ll see if we can add instructions for that method as well.

iPhone/iPad instructions kindly supplied by Ken Jude.