Who We Are
The site was created by me, Mark Edwards. Following many years of half-hearted efforts to develop a Boro’ database I finally got around to connecting it up to a web-based front end (this site).

Much of the data held here is not the result of first hand research. Over the years I’ve been gifted a lot of information from Dave Paul, Paul Lyme and Pete Hayman at BoroGuide. I am merely standing on their shoulders.

It is the full intention that this site hosts the broadest, most accurate and complete dataset possible. However, it is somewhat inevitable that in the collation of the site’s content some mistakes will have been made. Where there are errors I will be only too glad to put them right, but can only do so if they’re pointed out – please do not be shy in letting me know if something doesn’t look quite right.

Unless otherwise credited, all Boro’ photos come courtesy of Kevin Coleman.