Alternative League Table

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A few seasons ago someone clever (though I forget who – apologies) started to post a league table on The Conference Forum (and then reproduced on BoroChat) that showed teams placed alongside the numbers of points they’d earned. This reflected their relative positions by points rather than ordinal rank of position which can appear to be misleading.

I’ve had a go at doing something similar, but in this case more graphical. Each dot in the chart below shows a team’s placing according to their progress in the league. The table on the left shows their placing by pure total points and the one on the right by average points. Hover over a dot to identify the team (broadly colour coded by primary shirt colour).

This representation in Tableau stands on the shoulders of an original visualisation by @wilsooon, who produced a similar effort for the top leagues across Europe, which you can see here.

If I’ve produced this properly, it should update every 24 hours.