The 2016/17 Preseason Survey

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Regular visitors will likely have taken part in the Satisfaction Index surveys that have occasionally appeared on the site, but this season I’d like to go a step further. I’ve launched a more comprehensive survey ahead of the new season, and then intend to follow it up with a related one at the end of the season, to see how hopes and expectations meet with reality.

Until 31st July you can visit the survey and contribute your predictions, feelings and perspectives and I’m looking to see not only how Boro’s fans see the fate of their own team but also that of the competition, gauging what matters to them, and collecting further data that might help to understand what drives their motivations.

So, here’s the link to the survey. Once again, it’s hosted in Google Forms and you’ll need to have a Google account to participate. However, you will also be able to edit your answers until the poll closes.


Contributions will be anonymous, but please try to answer as honestly and openly as possible. I will look to publish some initial findings within a few days, just before the season begins, and then some more detailed insights shortly after.

Full privacy note:

The survey is hosted on Google Forms and, in an attempt to restrict abuse, it requires a Google account. If you already have one then just login and plough on – if you don’t have one they’re easy to setup. Apologies if you wish to take part but don’t wish to have a Google account – if that applies to you, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to address that.

For those concerned about personal details, by using Google Forms we cannot see who takes part, nor any of their account details, so your privacy will remain intact.