PPG – 2014/15 Edition

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With more than half of this season now in the books, I wanted to roll out a quick new post on PPG, but also one that I hope will be my last for a good while to come. I’ve already made clear my reservations about using it as a stat, but at the same time I’m also keen on putting data out there for wider consumption, and to fuel the conversation.

I’ve documented the way I calculate PPG here, and as a statistical approach feel that it’s pretty clear – my gripe is that it’s misleading, misused and misunderstood. On a new page, which will sit here for the remainder of this season, I’ve posted the current Points Per Game stats of every player to have played at least single minute of the League Two campaign.

The first thing that stands out is that those players who’ve played the most minutes are clustered around the 1.55-1.60 PPG bracket, with a few minor exceptions:
– David McAllister, at 1.82
– Tom Pett, at 1.78
– Jon Ashton, at 1.22
The clustering is to be expected, as the closer a player is to having played every minute of the season, the more they will gravitate to the team’s overall PPG (of 1.48). Further, those taking part in the recent winning run of three games receive an obvious bump up the table.

David McAllister, having played every minute upon joining, effectively sits as a barometer for the team’s PPG since (and including) the 2-1 win over Accrington, whilst Ashton has only featured for nine minutes since the defeat at Northampton.

I won’t elaborate much further – these figures will change after each game is played, but I wanted to add it here as a matter of record, to allow readers to come to their own judgements regarding its usefulness.