BSI Results: November 2014

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Earlier this week the first survey in our series took place to assess the mood of the Boro’ fanbase. We asked for your snap assessment of satisfaction with the players, the manager and with the club overall and can now return the results.

Some quick admin: each question asked for a response on a 1-5 scale, where 1 represented “extremely dissatisfied” and 5 “extremely satisfied”. The intervening points were deliberately not labelled, but on an odd-numbered Likert scale we can assume responses of 2 to be leaning towards dissatisfied, 3s to be neutral and 4s to be leaning towards satisfied.

First up, the players. The question asked “How satisfied are you with recent player performances on the field?”, and the chart of responses looks like this:

Boro' Satisfaction Index: November 2014

Boro’ Satisfaction Index: November 2014

A huge 57% of responses returned neutral scores, suggesting a large proportion of the fan base is currently sat on the fence, presumably allowing the players more time before coming to any firm feelings. With only 6% of respondents feeling extremely dissatisfied, this is clearly not a particularly polarising subject, but we are in a position whereby as the months go by, the season progresses, and we take this poll again, we may see a skew one way or the other begin to develop.

We asked two questions regarding the manager, split between those things he is able to control on the field (i.e. tactics, subs etc.) and those things off the field (i.e. interviews, transfers etc.). So, “How satisfied are you with the manager’s performance in regards to things he can control on the field?”:

Boro' Satisfaction Index: November 2014

Boro’ Satisfaction Index: November 2014

And comparatively, “How satisfied are you with the manager’s performance in regards to things off the field?”:


Boro’ Satisfaction Index: November 2014

Now we’re talking! There is suddenly so much we can begin to consider here. But to begin with, some raw numbers; 83% of respondents felt dissatisfied with GW’s approach on the field, with only 6% at the other extreme. This is a pretty damning assessment. However, those numbers become 51% and 17% respectively when we turn to off-the-field matters.

One of the things I consider to be quite striking is the difference between the first two charts; those concerning matters on the pitch. Of those who responded neutrally to their satisfaction with the players, a whopping 73% responded negatively concerning the manager’s contribution on a matchday.

Finally, the survey asked “How satisfied are you with the rest of the club’s activities off the field?” and the response came:


Boro’ Satisfaction Index: November 2014

The fans clearly put the club overall in a much more positive light, with some 60% recording their overall satisfaction, and a paltry 9% on the side of the fence.

The average scores for each of the questions were as follows:
Players – 2.66
Manager On Field – 1.94
Manager Off Field – 2.43
Club – 3.55

With this being the first survey we can’t yet consider how these indicators have changed compared with the recent past, so I’ll keep the commentary short. If there is a particular perspective you’d like to see represented here, by all means post a comment and I’ll gladly dig into the data.

Poll summary details
Poll dates: 4-6 November, 2014
Number of respondents: 53