Are You Satisfied? Re-Introducing BSI

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In one of the later Boro’ fanzines I ran a regular column collecting fans’ opinions in the form of a simple survey and then sharing the results. Having a web-based platform now means I can transfer the idea online and so I’m delighted to relaunch the Boro’ Satisfaction Index (or BSI as it’ll be referred to for reasons of laziness).

The BSI is designed to be a regular check on the vital signs of Boro’s fan base, capturing its feelings towards certain elements of fandom and allowing us a glimpse inside its head. Ideally we’ll take a reading around once every 4-6 weeks and monitor any changes on a range of topics both on and off the field. Occasionally we’ll also throw in additional features to pick up on topical events.

Now that the dust has settled on October, it seems appropriate to wheel out our first survey for the season. Click here to take part (link now deactivated) – the survey is hosted on Google Forms and, in an attempt to restrict abuse, it requires a Google account. If you already have one then just login and plough on – if you don’t have one they’re easy to setup. Apologies if you wish to take part but don’t wish to have a Google account – if that applies to you, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to address that. For those concerned about personal details, by using Google Forms we cannot see who takes part, nor any of their account details, so your privacy will remain intact.

Over time we’ll track responses and attempt to gauge the overall mood of the fanbase. The first poll is open now, and will be online through until Thursday 6th November. As time progresses and more surveys conducted, we’ll keep a track of the history at a dedicated BSI page here on the site. There’s no hidden agenda, I’m just hoping that the poll responses will lead us to some interesting findings.