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Announcement: Site Back Up And Running

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After a season’s hiatus, I’m now back in the game and all the data since that final game of the regular 2014/5 season is now loaded and available on the site. Until the new season kicks off, all of the ‘Current Season’ stats will hold data for 2015/6, with the… Read more »

Site Update: Temporary Break

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In order to attend to family matters I don’t expect to have much time to devote to the site for the remainder of 2015. Rather than have a half-baked attempt to keep it up-to-date, I’ve put a temporary halt to the stat updates and twitter feed and will aim to… Read more »

Current Season Statistics

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I’ve been working away at a few little background tasks on the site lately, but recently realised that the listing of statistics for the current season was a little bare. For that reason, now under the ‘Statistics’ tab, you’ll find a section called ‘Current Season’. Couldn’t be much simpler. So… Read more »

New Site Feature: Discipline

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A very brief update on a new feature – I’ve finally managed to collate the statistics on the number of cards issued to Boro’ players in a manner that I’m happy with and tested to work correctly. So, from today there are two new pages on the site related to… Read more »