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The 90th Minute

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90th minute goals are amazing. Or gutting. Or inconsequential. On Saturday, just before 5pm, I tweeted the following, and I’ve not really been able to let go of it since: Boro' have conceded 5 goals in the 90th minute (or later) in League 2 this season. Three of them have… Read more »

The Case For Graham Westley

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In light of recent results and a swathe of negative sentiment, I thought I would do what I could to paint the most pro-GW article using data captured here, some logical argument and without undue exaggeration. There is, of course, always a balance to be struck between the supposed objectivity… Read more »

We Need To Talk About PPG

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In previous posts in this series I looked into some of the basics of PPG and what that meant for recent seasons, and proposed a more useful interpretation of it for putting player performance into context. Now to let loose somewhat on some of my reservations with its usage. It… Read more »

What Makes A Tinker?

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Since setting up this project I’d long wanted to get under the skin of some of the more unusual nuances of football. The notion of the lineup-obsessed manager, or tinkerman as is the phrase de jour, is one such item, and doubtless one of the outcomes of expanded substitutes benches… Read more »