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Articles not featuring significant analysis or insight, often short in nature to capture an observation or commentary.

Two Games To Go

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With Bury and Southend having finally faced off again, every side in League 2 (and, more importantly, at the top end of the table) has two games remaining in its season.  I wanted to put together a post to collect all the various scenarios and discussion points that could affect… Read more »

The 90th Minute Revisited

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Earlier in the week we looked at goals in the 90th minute, and their significance. What was missing from the picture, however, was some context – it’s all well and good focussing on those late goals, but what we hadn’t considered was how often that late barrage for an equaliser… Read more »

The 90th Minute

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90th minute goals are amazing. Or gutting. Or inconsequential. On Saturday, just before 5pm, I tweeted the following, and I’ve not really been able to let go of it since: Boro' have conceded 5 goals in the 90th minute (or later) in League 2 this season. Three of them have… Read more »

Picking Players For The Occasion

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Last week the Comet ran this article on its website, where among other things it observed that Tom Pett was being utilised more frequently in home games than away games (at the time he’d started six at home but only two away). Now, Graham Westley had previously stated that he’d… Read more »

Charting The Seasons and The Reigns

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As these things tend to do in the pub, during a conversation with Pete from BoroGuide one evening recently, one thing led to another and I scrawled a mock-up of a chart comparing Boro’s progress between recent seasons. It dawned on me that this was a gaping hole I should… Read more »

What Makes A Tinker?

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Since setting up this project I’d long wanted to get under the skin of some of the more unusual nuances of football. The notion of the lineup-obsessed manager, or tinkerman as is the phrase de jour, is one such item, and doubtless one of the outcomes of expanded substitutes benches… Read more »