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This section complies all the analysis and investigations into hot topics as they arise. This may include introduction or extension of metrics or theories.

Alternative League Table

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A few seasons ago someone clever (though I forget who – apologies) started to post a league table on The Conference Forum (and then reproduced on BoroChat) that showed teams placed alongside the numbers of points they’d earned. This reflected their relative positions by points rather than ordinal rank of… Read more »

Goal Difference Progressions

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I’ve been getting used to a new piece of data visualisation software and in the middle of last season stumbled upon an idea I’d had, about how goals scored (and conceded) were distributed throughout the 90 minutes of a game. Graham Westley was supposedly famed for having teams that would… Read more »

There’s No Place Like Home

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Much has been made lately of the disparity between Boro’s achievements at the Lamex Stadium compared with their exploits on the road. Certainly before Christmas it seemed as though the gulf was enormous, but then two away wins in three (vs Dagenham and York) appeared to put paid to that… Read more »

The Trouble With Counting Stats

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Something got under my skin earlier this week, and then boiled over today when I scratched beneath the surface a little, so I wanted to get a little gripe off my chest here, and hopefully we can all agree to start using counting stats a little more responsibly. The following… Read more »

Counting The Cards

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Over the weekend I introduced a new element on the site and a couple of new pages focussing upon team and player discipline. We can now measure the number of cards assigned to each player, at different times during games, by season and by manager. Measuring the number of cards… Read more »