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Welcome to BoroBrain

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Welcome to all Boro’ fans and friendly interlopers. The general aim of BoroBrain is to create a platform for recording Boro’ related statistics and to sprinkle over the top occasional analyses concerning the hot topics of the day. Initially things may appear a little basic but as we continue to… Read more »

The BoroBrain Database

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At the heart of BoroBrain lies a database containing details of every fixture played, appearance made, goal scored, substitution, booking, manager and opponent. This has been designed to be flexible in order that analysis can be performed from a number of different perspectives. At the time of site launch the… Read more »

Lies & Damned Lies

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One of the principle drivers behind producing this site is to encourage full and open access to information that may in the past have taken on mythical status. Who really had a great points-per-game ratio? Were Boro’ better at keeping goals out when Jason Goodliffe was anchoring the defence or… Read more »